#Music I used to write a lot of computer music. Some of it is good, a lot of it is average to bad. Some of it is still on my BBC Micro, which is currently waiting for me to resolder its long-dry joints, if the 5.25" floppies don't rust first; some of them I never converted from various Tracker formats to anything remotely modern; some of it is on Atari ST floppies in Notator format - and it's highly unlikely I'll find a working one of those ever again. Here's links to all I currently have left on file. > 2015 update: I found another track! it's a 42 minute recording called "stupidly large wave file.m4a". It's weird. I must have been drunk at the time it was made. Note: Use the icons to play/preview files using the audio tag; right-click save-as files using the download button.