Web Sites & Other Projects

April 1999 McDonagh Computer Services my work site - in the process of being updated, so that it becomes easier to keep it updated (easier to edit)
September 1988 Geocities Precursor to this site - my attempt at making an 'interactive' interface to the web site (now found on my javascripts page). Abandoned
July 1988 McDonagh Computer Services Start Page Flashy scripts independant for different browser compatibilities, however hard to navigate and slow to load.
January 1999 Geocities My Neon Genesis Evangelion page - as simple as I could make it, without making it look simple. No scripts or fancy banners, just plain old-fashioned gifs and text.
June 1995 Alphaworld - 695N 1W My three mailboxes! My old Alphaworld address, now just a gate and a few trees, as someone else has build all through my virtual land.
October 1996 TAFE Tamworth Bits and peices from a streaming video project I worked on, which was abandoned.

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